Naish Malolo Sup Foilboard & Hydrofoil!!

You probably didn’t miss this, the hype or should I say ‘madness’ around Kai Lenny on a Naish SUP foilboard.
Kai’s first SUP downwind foil glides received thousands of likes and were shared by hundreds of people¬†within a few minutes.

As a leading brand Naish will be the first stand up paddle brand that brings foilsup on the market.
These will be available in autumn and will be very limited!

The Naish Malolo is a 10’4 ” sup foilboard for downwind and open ocean conditions, developed by Kai Lenny.

Carbon elite construction with a PVC bottom that can withstand the forces of the foil.
Board is including a separate box so that the board can also be used as a normal sup.
The ‘accessible’ foil is made to create lift with minimal speed, suitable for racing, cruising or¬†ride a wave.

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